Arm-of-the-Sea at Birch

Artist in Residency with Patrick Wadden.

Birch School is excited to partner with local artist Patrick Wadden from Arm-of-the-Sea Theater, based in Esopus.

Arm-of-the-Sea’s residency programs are intensive, hands-on workshops in which the arts are at the center of the learning
experience. The programs seek to provide participants with an experience of collaborative creativity. Each residency is
organized around a particular theme drawn from literature, science, art, social studies or a combination of these. Under
the direction of the Theater’s co-founder, Patrick Wadden, participants engage in painting, sculpture, mask-making,
puppetry, creative writing and music to create the elements of a theater production. The “artifacts” produced in the
residency are woven together in rehearsals, sometimes with additional puppet & mask characters from Arm-of-the-Sea’s
repertoire. The culminating performance event will be presented to the entire school and community on December 18th at The Birch School.

copy of photosynthesis by Kris Konyak