Building Grit and Resilience each and every day

All our kids were amazing on the city trip today! We got lots of comments on how nice our group was, decease from Museum staff and random strangers! They asked good questions, ailment
looked out for one another and tried really hard to have fun and learn ( and tried especially hard to stay together on the subway)!

After the brain activities we ate lunch outside! We found a “city talking stick” and used it to use decide which areas of the museum to explore. Hall of Biodiversity, neurosurgeon
Dinosaurs, and North American Mammals were the choices.

The travel challenges of service disruption on our train line were made easier by Gary Sable, who monitored status from his office and kept us informed all day. MTA reps, aware of our group travel with students, called us via cell to ensure we knew how to get back to Beacon. We felt safe and cared for! Thank you everyone!AMNH

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Mistakes can be beautiful

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