Community Supported Education

Community Supported Education At The Birch School

Many parents want to be more invested and involved in the education of their children. And every parent has something of educational value to share. At The Birch School we welcome your involvement, viagra and seek to provide the opportunity for that to happen.

As we mature as a school community we recognize many tasks and roles that are necessary to support our students’ learning. We are searching for ways to provide that support without having to raise the student tuition beyond what families can afford.

We are fortunate to have found a model that will help The Birch School meet that goal. Community Supported Education (CSE) was developed by a group of educators and parents at a school similar to ours in Westchester, pill NY. It’s founder and director, find Donna Mikkelsen, and members of their school community are now offering their assistance in adapting the concept for our use at The Birch School.

The Community Supported Education model takes inspiration from the Community Supported Agriculture programs, where members pay a set fee and also provide support by working at the farm picking, planting, sorting, selling, etc. The school provides the structure, teachers, building, resources, and patterns and the school community supports that by providing their time and contributing to a diverse, strong and flourishing learning ecosystem.

Family Work Contribution And Tuition

In efforts to make the school as affordable as possible, tuition is adjusted according to how many working hours a family can contribute per week. We recognize that there is significant value in the time and effort given by parents who want to invest and take an active part in their child’s education.

With Community Supported Education children have the benefit of the collective knowledge of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. Everyone has something to offer. We are excited to apply this model to The Birch School and continue to develop the community and support that fuel a vibrant learning community for our children.

What can you offer and what does The Birch School need?

There are many ways for families to offer their energy and time to support the school. Our Community Supported Education Coordinator will meet with each family and ensure that their contributions make the most of what members have to offer, and provide needed support to school functioning. At The Birch School some options for contributing are:

Ofiice support supply shopping Providing internship opportunities
marketing/public relations cleaning building (daily or weekly) monitoring lunch and snack periods
maintaining social media professional services distributing outreach materials
Organizing community events driving van prepping and serving lunch
teaching classes/mentoring students organizing special events offering administrative assistance
Coordinating fundraisers providing resources helping move equipment/supplies

Hours are contributed on a quarterly basis.
We are serious about depending on our community’s contribution to provide the best program for our students. CSE hours are recorded on a quarterly basis (with some exceptions) and unfilled CSE hours will be billed to the family at $30/per hour. If you are having trouble meeting your work agreement please speak to the CSE Coordinator who can work something out for you.

Several levels of participation allow for options to match each family’s situation
For those who choose to participate in the CSE there is a tuition discount, according to the time commitment. The contribution that members make is highly valued and critical to the successful functioning of the Birch School. All CSE hours are credited at the equivalent of $30 per hour.

See the attached chart to determine the tuition level and options for further tuition discounts.
Time commitments are per family and are not multiplied for multiple students.

Online Tuition Payment Management
Our tuition payments are collected and managed through the TADS tuition management program. Our families are asked to sign up and enroll in the program and make payment arrangements at the time of enrollment. You can set up several ways to pay tuition and choose the day of the month your payment is due. You will receive more information about enrollment. There is a $39 per year per family charge, applied to your first payment. This fee will be waived if tuition is paid in one or two installments.

Financial Aid and Scholarships
Our school has limited funding for financial aid but we desire is to assist as many families as possible to attend. We want to make The Birch School available to everyone who seeks this kind of learning environment for their children. Financial aid is available on the basis of family need and The Birch School’s financial capacity.

Families requesting financial aid are asked to complete an application with our tuition management partners, TADS. They will collect the necessary information, assess family need, and advise our financial aid committee on aid distribution based on need.

Families requesting financial assistance for the 2015-16 school year are asked to complete their applications prior to June 1st. Aid awards will be returned to families as soon as possible.

We invite you to come to talk to us.