Part Time Choice Program

Homeschool Choice Program

Our new Part Time Homeschool program focusing on creativity, collaboration and hands-on activity. Become part of the Birch School community two days per week.
Tuesdays and Fridays 9:45 – 2:30
Our program offers student choice and delivers a combination of traditional learning with integrative, experiential activities that promote student engagement and understanding.

Choice Program Activities may include
• Stopmotion animation
• Game design
• Thinking skills
• Debate
• Watercolor painting
• Cooperative games
• Brain science
• Math & Art
• Intro to Electronics
• Nature writing and observation
• Team Games /PE
• Survival Skills

• Creative Writing
• Cooking
• Programming/Coding
• Teen philosophy
• Team building
• Character education
• Shakespeare
• Handcrafts
• Digital Arts
• History of Jazz
• Spanish/ Italian

Flexible, Kind, Accommodating & Fun

Our homeschool program is designed to be flexible and fun. We offer lots of opportunities for collaboration and discovery in an environment of support and safety.

Birch School teachers have extensive experience working with homeschoolers and are kind and accommodating with students and parents. We honor each student and understand that every child is an individual with unique needs and challenges.

Our mixed-age community is welcoming and friendly. Happy and healthy students are of primary importance to us and we work hard to achieve that experience for everyone. We want our students to want to come to school each day. Our atmosphere is relaxed and flexible.