Senior Capstone Project

Senior “Capstone” Year-long project


We have a group of 5 graduating Seniors this year at The Birch School. Each one will be working on a Year-Long Capstone project to culminate their learning.


We invite 3 – 4 other Graduating Seniors to join us for the Year-Long Project.Participating students must be at least 16 years old by September 1 and graduating in June 2018.


  • Seminars,
  • guest visitors
  • peer and support and collaboration
  • mentor and teacher support
  • Culminating Panel/Review Team to hear presentations
  • Present to the public at Year-End Showcase
  • Birch resources for project identification and completion
  • Stable, constant group of support all year
  • Framework, deadlines and encouragement for completion
  • Authentic Audiences


$900 for the year-long program.

Written review of project from assembled review team.

Student is responsible for identifying a portion of the review team.


For detailed description of project and requirements see here:

The Birch School Capstone