September Planning Details

Parent/Teacher/Student Planning Meetings for 2014-2015


Thank you for scheduling your parent teacher planning meeting for the 2014-2015 school year.

We are excited to get started for the new school year.
At this meeting we will discuss several important topics to start the year off with a plan agreeable to all.

– we will discuss your concerns and goals for your student
– we will discuss your student’s special interests and areas of expertise/enthusiasm
– we will discuss your student’s special and unique needs and challenges
– in cooperation with parents we will develop an individualized learning plan for each student
– we will identify the particular classes, pregnancy programs and resources that your student will utilize to meet their learning goals
– we will identify the type of feedback and assessment the student will receive
– we will identify the student’s daily schedule
– we will ask your student to participate in identifying learning goals and Upper Level students will be asked to complete SMART Goal planning sheets

Questions for Parents:

We are interested in your thoughts and answers to the following questions.

Please consider your answers to share with us at your parent planning meeting.

1. What do you see as your child’s greatest strengths or skills? Tell us about a time when you saw your child demonstrating these skills.

2. Next June, remedy what do you hope your child says about his/her experience in school this year? What’s the story you hope he/she would tell?

3. What was your experience like in this grade? How do you remember that year of school?

4. What are your fears or concerns about your child in this year of school?

5. How and when would you like us to be in touch with you this year? What do you hope we will communicate with you about?

6. Is there anything else you can tell us about your child that you think would help us support his/her learning?

7. Is there a question you hope we will ask you about your child?

Additional Learning Resources

Possible learning options include daily lessons, open periods, classes, small group tutoring, and textbooks. In addition, online and hands-on resources have been identified by teachers and staff as possibly useful for individual students. Some of these resources will be included in the program that will be provided to students. With guidance and suggestions from teachers and parents the team identifies exactly which tools are ultimately used. These choices depend on many things, including individual student need and desire.
We encourage you to explore some of the possible learning options listed below prior to the parent planning meeting. We also encourage you to come to the meeting with other program requests or suggestions. The learning possibilities are not limited to these options. The options below are listed by grade level, but often the resource is also beneficial to students in other grade levels. Students may choose any resources. There are many opportunities for customization and individualization of the plan. Our goal is to meet the needs and desires of each student and family.

History, Art, Music, Physical Education and Social Studies will be pursued through small group classes, afternoon electives and individual tutoring.

As students progress through the learning levels their use of online learning media will increase. This is because students get better at self-directed learning and require more individualized programming and coursework. In the early grades the central focus of learning is at the classroom level. In middle grades students participate in small group classes and begin some individualized learning programs. At the High School level students often follow their own unique plan, and work with tutors and mentors regularly throughout the day as they complete their projects and individualized online and textbook work.

At the Parent Teacher Student meeting the team will discuss the overall plan for each student, and consider the various options in detail. This list of resources does not represent all of the learning tools for each grade level, but are resources that students may choose to work with.



Open-ended play and discovery is a central focus of the early elementary program. Themed stations and centers form the core of the classroom time, with opportunities for reading, writing, science discoveries, creative play, art, math, outdoor time, community-building and more.
Within the context of this classroom students are provided learning options that might include some of the resources identified below.


Real Science 4 Kids Chemistry


MobyMax Adaptive Online Multi-Subject
Saxon Math
Adapted Mind – online adaptive Math and Reading
Sumdog Adaptive Game Based Math and Vocabulary


Ooka Island
ABC Mouse
Book Adventure
ClicnKid Reading Phonics Program
Ticket to Read



Elemental Science for the Grammar Stage Chemistry


Adapted Mind – online adaptive Math and Reading
Art of Problem Solving “Beast Academy”
MobyMax Adaptive Online Multi-Subject
Sumdog Adaptive Game Based Math and Vocabulary
Saxon Math


IXL Multi-subject adaptive online
Book Adventure
Ticket to Read


As students grow into the upper elementary and middle school years they begin to take more initiative and control over their own learning. But this time we encourage them to integrate their own interests and passions into their individual learning plan. Mastery of rote mathematical skills such as multiplication and algebraic problem-solving become themes that are repeated and reinforced through the middle school years.

MobyMax Adaptive Online Multi-Subject


Transition to Algebra
Dragon Box AlgebraiPad app
Dragon Box Elements
Art of Problem Solving Textbook and online support
Hands on Equations Algebra
Math Planet
Uzinggo Science and Math, Test Preparation and review courses
Art of Problem Solving Pre-Algebra
Key TO Curriculum: Individual self directed workbooks in decimals, fractions, percents, measurement, algebra.


Chemistry for The Logic Stage
Scientific Minds Science Starters Online Science program
Real Science 4 Kids Middle School Chemistry
CK-12 Basic Chemistry E-text and workbook

English Language Arts

Cover Story Magazine Writing Curriculum
Writers Express
Saylor Academy Online Course


Individual options in all subject areas.

CK-12 Online Textbooks, Course outlines, supporting materials, workbooks
Regents Prep in All Subjects
Information on elective AP Courses and test info
(additional costs)
Open Courses Online with Certificates of Completion – List of providers
Plato Learning Courses Online


Scientific Minds Chemistry Starters
Introduction to Solid State Chemistry MIT Courseware
Student Individual Choice in MIT Courseware Science and Engineering
Uzinggo Science and Math, Test Preparation and review courses


Transition to Algebra
Art of Problem Solving Textbook and online support
Online Math Course with video and worksheet support
Saylor Academy Online Courses
MIT Open Courseware Math options
Regents Prep Algebra
Regents Prep Geometry

English Language Arts

Saylor Academy Online Course
One Year Adventure Novel Writing Curriculum

Foreign Language

Duolingo Online and app
Berlitz software program
Open Culture – Free Online Language Learning

Keyboarding and Typing Programs for ALL LEVELS

Typing Pal
Typing Agent
Typing Web
Dance Mat Typing (Primary Level)