Young Womens’ Group

BiWeekly Discussion Group

Location: Birch School in Rock Tavern, advice NY
Date and Time: Every Other Monday 3:30-4:30
Age range: 14 and older
Fee: $15 per month ($7.50 per session)

Some topics we might discuss:
Gender Politics
Sexual Violence
“Gamergate” & Sexual Harassment
What is Feminism

This group is a safe place for young women to speak openly about their experiences, this web concerns and politics related to gender. We’ll meet every other Monday at the Birch School. To begin we’ll offer some introductory topics to discuss and will build on interest of the group. Ideally we’ll go deeper and the young women will be able to process their own experiences and concerns together. We’ll bring in guest speakers occasionally to inspire more discussion.
There is nothing off limits in this group. If one is not comfortable exploring gender issues this won’t be a good fit. This is a drop off session.
We’re going to have an initial meeting in the evening on Monday September 21st to introduce ourselves and set up registration.

Please email Rebekah with the subject line “Girls Group”.
Please include:
1. young woman’s name, age and email address
2. parent/adult/sponsor name and email address
3. any specific topics you might want to be able to address
4. any concerns you may have about the group
5. any questions/suggestions you might have

We look forward to getting to know you!