Admissions & Financial Assistance

Admissions Application Process

Admissions Process:

Take a look around our website and explore our learning philosophy and program offerings.

If you think The Birch School might be a good match for your family we invite you to take the next steps.

We are currently enrolling students ages 6 – 17. Please be aware that some program options have age restrictions.

1. Schedule meeting with Admissions Director, either virtually or in-person, or attend an Open House.

2. Complete online application  with admissions application fee. 

3. Visit School for a day, either virtually or in-person. ( In summer skip to next step.) 

4. Schedule interview for student and family with Director

5. Request transcripts/letter of recommendations 

6. If requested, enter into a week-long program trial (Materials fee deposit required)

7. After invitation to enroll, finalize agreements. (legal, financial, media, health forms etc.) and meet teachers to outline learning plan/goals.

8. Formally enroll, begin attending program regularly

Financial Assistance 

We offer an Indexed Tuition Program

If your family is committed to the philosophy and values of The Birch School we want to find ways for your children to be able attend. Because of that, we are now offering a personalized tuition through an Indexed Tuition Program. If you choose to participate the tuition and fees will be set based on your family’s income and expenses, determined through a financial application process administered by TADS. This service provides the school with a report of your financial need. You could qualify for a tuition discount of 10%, 20% or 30%, depending on your individual situation, and the amount of aid available.

You will be required to submit income verification to a third party and discuss payment arrangements with our Registrar. Our top end tuition for 2021-2022 is $12,500 per student plus fees.  Families who qualify for the most assistance offered may have tuition fees discounted up to 30% from the base fee, depending on the amount of aid available for distribution.  If something changes in your financial situation and you require a decrease in tuition, you will need to re-apply.

We appreciate all support and encourage all families to assist in school fundraising efforts so that our community can offer this flexible tuition program. We value diversity and all are welcome.

Tuition payment plan options

Parents have the option of making 10 or 12 monthly payments. The payment plan will be serviced by TADS, and parents will pay a $55 fee per year to set up the payment plan.  Payment can be made by bank transfer via TADS or via check or cash payments made in-person or via mail. 

Families paying on a monthly plan must pay a down payment equal to one and half monthly payments before enrollment can begin.

Sibling Discount applies for second and third child. If children are enrolled in different program discount applies to child enrolled at the lowest participation level.

Application and Registration Fee Schedule for the 2021-2022 school year

Application Fee – $40/student  75/family

Registration Fee – $250 (covers tuition insurance)

Materials Fee – materials/curriculum fee $400/student

Other Fees

Annual fee to make monthly payments using TADS – $55/year

Indexed Tuition Application/Financial Assistance Fee – $55/year

Late payment fee $39