Full Time School

School Program

Our school program for the 2022- 2023 academic year is currently serving students in grades 5- 12, from ages 9 – 17. ( for learners ages 5 – 9 we offer a Forest School in the afternoons).

Our school program is currently divided into middle school and upper school.

The curriculum is individualized, with a foundation in age-appropriate natural history, geography and history, science, technology, math, literature, writing, music and the arts.

Each student’s program is developed with the cooperation and partnership of each student’s parents and teachers.  Frequent communication and readjustment of program and goals when necessary ensure that students are progressing on an agreed upon path.

CONVENTIONAL In-Person Attendance
On Campus School Enrollment Monday – Thursday in-person, Fridays are virtual, synchronous and asynchronous. Students attend in-person 4 full days per week. Busing likely available within 15 miles. (Covid-19 ALERT: If in-person attendance is restricted teachers provide full-service, full-time facilitation of remote learning during those periods.)
All recordkeeping, conferences, personalized learning plan included. All afternoons, choice and elective classes, weekly one-to-one advisory with a teacher, study halls, tutoring if needed. Individualized mentoring, tracking and assistance throughout the school-day. Communication with parents about program when necessary.
REMOTE LEARNING Participation – Mornings 9:00 – 12:15 academic subjects
Full-Time Virtual School Enrollment All recordkeeping, conferences, personalized learning plan included. Weekly advisory with a teacher; tutoring if needed (limited).