New Program supported by the VELA Education fund to aid homeschooling families. Low-cost monthly membership fee for Spring 2022.


We applaud families who are choosing to manage their children’s education themselves. We want to empower parents like you, who have made this choice, and we want to support you so that you feel confident along your homeschooling journey..



Since 2012, The Birch School has been serving families who are choosing alternative learning options for their children. This has taken various forms over the years, from offering classes, tutoring, part-time programs, and consulting. Our latest project, to boost and organize our homeschool offerings as a membership program, is supported by the VELA Education fund. 

We are so excited to open The Birch School’s community of teachers, students and friends to local homeschoolers and their families. 




We invite all local homeschooling families to join our community by signing up for the basic membership level,, which is free and open to all interested homeschool families. Basic membership includes virtual classes, access to our private server for members, and attendance at in-person events. In addition, To access a wider variety of classes, and other benefits, we are also offering enhanced memberships, for a monthly fee,. This offers the additional opportunity for members to register for and attend a few classes in person each month.  For adults the enhanced membership offers a monthly homeschool support meeting, direct communication with other homeschoolers via our special private server, and access to sample paperwork and forms. For families with teens we offer a special membership option. This option provides support for high school homeschooled students with services like transcript consulting, college planning, and help with college applications. It also includes exclusive teen classes, and a special teen-moderated teen-only channel on our private server. 

COMING SOON: In the next phase of our Homeschool Family Support project  we plan to offer a lending library of books, curriculum, resources, and tools that homeschool families can borrow to enhance their homeschool experience. We are also offering support for families organizing small pods of learners meeting in private homes. Inquire if interested in learning more. 

We are grateful to the VELA Fund for investing in this program and providing the resources necessary to make it a reality.