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Posted 3 years ago

Bringing Joy to Learning

In anticipation of a position being available for Fall 2021, Birch School is currently interviewing teachers for full and part-time opportunities.

Desired Qualifications:

Applicant should:

  • Be an excellent communicator and work well as part of a team.
  • Be open to sharing new ideas
  • Be conversant in alternative learning methods and philosophies.
  • Be a good problem solver able to handle several things at once
  • Be willing to try new methods to solve problems, and keep adjusting until a working solution is discovered.
  • Be committed to a child-centered, individualized plan of education for students at the school.
  • Have education in teaching, Bachelor’s Degree and NYSED Certification preferred.
  • Have teaching experience in alternative environments.

Job Description:

The teacher in this position will take primary responsibility for the smooth functioning of the “West” Classroom. In cooperation with supporting teachers and staff, the “West”Teacher will ensure the students in Classroom are succeeding and meeting grade-level learning standards.

The Lead Teacher will:

  • In cooperation with parents and other Birch School teachers, identify, plan and deliver an engaging program of lessons, games, projects and exploration leading to discovery and learning.
  • Ensure that ample learning opportunities are offered each day, covering all the areas of desired academic growth as identified in each student’s plan.
  • Work with other team members to create and deliver an individualized program for each student. Collaborate with other staff to problem-solve daily issues.
  • Contribute positively to discussions about school philosophy, routines, and daily applications.
  • Participate in team conversations about individual students and approaches and methods for each.
  • Be available to discuss with parents their child’s program, including parental goals and observations.
  • Be flexible in delivering the school program and be responsive to the children in your care.
  • Take notes and arrange observations of students to contribute to the written record of student work and thereby portfolio creation.
  • Write narrative assessments for each student at the end of each quarter using those notes and portfolios as support.
  • Be aware of current conversations and debates in the alternative school movement, and be constantly adjusting and modifying our program in response to new ideas and student performance.

Spend time watching the children at their work and be aware of each child’s strengths and weaknesses. Use the interests and skill of each individual child to inform the approach of the learning opportunities offered to them.

  • Help students prepare for the quarterly Showcase, and attend each evening showcase.
  • Be available for parent conferences when regularly scheduled and as needed.
  • Participate in program planning before school begins in September and throughout the school year.
  • Be responsible for opening the school building and supervising students who arrive early. (on a rotating basis, shared with other staff members. Generally twice per week.)
  • Keep a neat and orderly working environment,
  • Create organizational methods and procedures that ensure smooth workflow and a tidy classroom.
  • Participate in building cleaning and equipment moving as required as part of our building sharing agreement.

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