Experienced educators from The Birch School can help you and your student to develop a learning plan that is “Just Right” for them.

With our help students learn to identify their passions and interests, and work with that to develop learning goals and future career possibilities. Through this lens we help students identify learning experiences that help them develop the skillset and course completion that will set them up for what comes next.

Personalized learning plans can serve as the foundation of a student’s schooling, allowing for customization.  Study isn’t limited to an assigned grade level, and can expand into areas of interest and student strength. The pace of learning can be adjusted to fit student need. 

We understand that sometimes the path to our goals is not always a straight line. In fact, we expect zig-zags. We help frame these experiences as part of the learning journey and embrace the twists and turns, offering guidance and reassurance along the way.

The Personalized Learning Plan Option (PLPO) provides you and your student with individual meetings with experiences teachers and staff from The Birch School three times per year. In addition, assistance is offered in identifying resources, how to set goals, mapping your way to success, working your way through difficulty and more.

Periodic seminars will be available to enrolled students such as:

  • searching for internship opportunities,
  • creating a portfolio of your work,
  • developing a senior capstone project,
  • discovering new interests,
  • how to learn how to learn,
  • go-to resources for self-directed learning and more.