Remote Learning

The Remote Learning Schedule is designed to provide structure for students while providing the basic foundation for learning. Time is spend in all traditional subject areas: Math, English Language Arts, Science and Social Studies/History. Most classes are taught to mixed-grade groups, with many options for differentiated learning and demonstration of mastery. Classes are taught simultaneously to students remotely and in-person. This allows for a fluid transition between these learning options in response to the greater health situation in our community at any given time.

Students are expected to be present in the Synchronous On-line classes that are facilitated by a Birch School Teachers. Classes consist of teacher-directed lessons, curated and narrated video, small group discussions, group work, individual work, occasional quizzes and tests, self-assessments, longer personal projects, presentations, and more.

Students have access to individualized learning modules in the afternoons, and can create a schedule that works for them as they complete modules and work through the program. Some students may be working on individual projects with teacher support or engaging in distance learning via online courses offered by other learning organizations. The Birch School has experience with a number of online classes and programs and can help identify options that are a good match for your student.

Facilitated classes are held on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday is an all-community meeting, our “talking stick circle” a democratic all-inclusive meeting of both virtual and in-person teachers and students.

We offer a Base Program of Remote Learning that consists of student participation in all of the classes listed on the schedule, in addition to trimester grades and reports on progress. Families have the option to add additional support programs or program blocks that provide the support and learning that is “just right” for their family.

Remote Learning students can add: