Virtual Classes for Homeschool Members

Join our lively learning community for some of these monthly online classes! Please register for these classes on our membership site. Included in your monthly membership fee.

Chess Meet-Up ages 7+

Join us for online chess on Choose from a live match with a real person, or choose to play the online computer. Staff is available to help match up live players and guide to the online game platform.

Family Engineering Challenge all ages

Monthly meet-up. Birch staff will describe an engineering challenge using household materials. Each family then works on the challenge at any time during the month, and optionally documents their experiece, At the next monthly meet-up we invite you to share your creations and experience with others at the meet, and then we will offer you a brand new challenge for the next month for you to work on.

Art for ages 5 – 12

This online class is a step-by-step tutorial format. Each week we will work on a different project. Some projects will take multiple weeks. Projects use common art supplies. We will let you know ahead of time what materials are needed. Aimed at students ages 5 – 12 at a pace that works for kids in that age group.

Teen Art for ages 13 – 17

This online class is designed for older teens who can focus for longer periods and follow complex instructions. This is also taught in a step-by-step format and uses a variety of common art supplies and materials. Some classes will be one period, and sometimes projects will take more than one class.

Composer of the Month – all ages

This online presentation by Birch School’s music teacher Joann Diuglio will feature a different composer each month. Various genres of music will be featured, and examples of the music will be shared. Questions are encouraged,

Language Conversation Club – Spanish or Italian ages 5+

This monthly session will be facilitated by Birch School staff who are native speakers. Conversation will focus on a topic on the month and will be restricted to the language. There will be separate rooms for Spanish and Italian. Language learners of all ages are welcome to stop by the conversation club meeting.

Family Yoga ages 4+

This 45 minute online class is led by Birch Teacher Lily P. Explore a family appropriate afternoon yoga class together for kids and adults together.

Lego Builders Club – Monthly Challenge ages 4+

Each month we will offer a building challenge for participants to work on for the upcoming month. You can then work on the challenge and document your projects with photos along the way. At the next month’s meetup there will be a time for sharing what you built and how it went, and then a new challenge will be presented. At the end of class is an open time for sharing and connecting with other Lego Lovers.

Myths, Legends and Tall Tales – story telling for all ages

This live monthly storytelling period is led by Birch staff Ed H. and will include classic and traditional stories and myths from ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, as well as myths and legends from the US and Europe. Ed will tell the stories live, illustrated with colorful slides. He will also answer questions and shed light on historical context. Appropriate for all ages.