Our virtual school program provides classes and support for core subjects, as well as opportunities for authentic participation in a community of learners. This program is congruent with the program offered to in-person students, allowing for continuity in a variety of different program combinations.

Virtual school includes distance-learning students in the regular classes being offered at Birch on a daily basis. Students participate via morning zoom classes and community meetings. Participation in class is expected from virtual students.

This program attempts to strike the right balance between screentime and offline learning. Meeting 5 mornings a week, students can attend classes from home or at school, depending on the enrollment choices chosen upon registration. The virtual day begins at 9:15 and continues until 12 noon. An optional lunch-hang-out is available for any student who is interested in attending.

This stand-alone program provides learning in Math, Science, English Language Arts and Social Studies/History. Students who attend from home are considered homeschoolers. Families can add additional support and record-keeping to the basic program and formally enroll in Birch School. Talk with us to learn more about options that are just right for your family.

In person add-on programs are available where available. Social distancing regulations will be followed as instructed by the CDC. NY State Dept of Education and the Local Orange County Dept of Health. Capacity limits will be strictly abided by.