School in a time of crisis.

Our dedicated team of educators have been helping children find joy in learning for decades.  The Birch School has combined this depth of experience with the latest research and theory about how kids learn best in our 21st century environment. 

Now, facing new challenges in health and safety, we are ready to adapt to the changing landscape and the evolving needs of students and their families. 

When COVID-19 became a pandemic the world changed.

When the world changed overnight, so did we.

Our team’s experience positioned us to deliver a fluid transition to learning from home.  We never missed a beat, and parent surveys and social media tell us that our parents think we got it right. The Birch School finished our year successfully using computers and internet technology to meet with students in classes and individually, and to gather our community online.


The Birch School has been thriving in this new reality. Our kids are empowered to take an active part in their education, through goal-planning meetings, student-led conferences, individualized plans, and differentiated learning opportunities.  We have had students utilizing computer-based research and learning tools for years. Birch students become highly experienced with these tech tools. Now, we have seized the opportunity to blend virtual options and in-person study and we see new worlds of possibility emerge.