What Parents say about The Birch School

You most definitely want the Birch School!

“We absolutely love the Birch School !!! Our 21-year-old graduated from there.”

“Our 17-year-old who is graduating this year spent many positive years there.”

“Our youngest who’s going into public high school in September went there for a couple years. He was well prepared for the transition.”

“It’s important for parents to realize that sometimes public school is just not the right fit for your kid. [Birch is] not always easy and it’s definitely not free, but you have to try it out or you’ll never know.”

Most of all, if you want your child not just to learn but to be passionate about going to school every day, you most definitely want the Birch School!

“This school is fantastic! It is the answer to what is wrong with public education today. My son hated school, was failing classes, and I couldn’t find any way to motivate him to put forth the tiniest bit of effort in his studies. The Birch School has been like a miracle – he tells me every day how much he loves school, he talks about the projects he is working on in class, he is enthusiastic and engaged. They have given back to my child the love of learning that public schools had managed to stamp out. I can’t thank them enough for what they have done for my family!”

  • -Birch School Parent
    The Birch School is an excellent private school in the Hudson Valley. Love their philosophy, the curriculum is evolving per my child’s needs, the atmosphere is homelike, teachers and aids are nurturing and the program is progressive! My child looks forward to going there and when a child is excited to go to school you know it is a good place to be!
    -Birch School Parent
  • – submitted by a parent
    I am so happy I found this school. My daughter (15) seems to be comfortable there after stressful times in High School. Thank you for having this vision and for providing this valuable support for homeschooling families. – H.S.
    – submitted by a parent
    Posted February 05, 2014
  • -Birch School Parent
    “Our sons want to go to school every day now that they are at Birch. And when I say every day, I mean that snow days are now met with a groan and Mondays with a smile. And that is our 14 year old! This was not the case before the boys were at Birch, but the Birch School creates such a supportive environment that the kids there feel safe and engage in their learning more than they ever have in the past. They have a say in what they study, and that makes a big difference for them. We were worried about the social situation when we started because of the size of the school, but they each consider everyone in the school to be their friends, and they could not be happier. It is so great as a parent to send your children off to a group of people who care so deeply about them. And both the teachers and the Director are constantly searching for new ways to engage in learning and improve each child’s experience. I don’t know any other school that does this not just once in a while but every single day.”
    -Birch School Parent