Afternoons “In-Person Experience”

This program is available as space allows, and when we can ensure the safety of all students in our community.

Student directed, focused, goal-oriented open workshop time for students ages 8 and up. Teachers, mentors and staff assist students in making plans and meeting their goals. Different themed, pop-up work centers are available each afternoon.

Students who attend Birch’s Full Day program, or who are enrolled in the Afternoons benefit from getting assistance from teachers and mentors in planning their afternoon schedule and activities. Afternoons are focused on personal goals and get individualized support for student learning. This can happen in small groups, larger groups, or individually. Students have access to The Birch School’s resources, supplies and materials, and with teacher guidance can explore and develop learning paths.

A variety of learning experiences take place in the afternoons. Learning centers or stations are available for students to work with at their own pace and in the order they choose. Outside online classes are another option for afternoon learning. Afternoons are also ideal for student-led passion projects, for collaborative work and for small group experiences. Sometimes labs, breakout rooms, scavenger hunts, and media challenges are offered.

Some Teacher-led classes are offered, with guest teachers often in residence to share special skills. These classes are enrolled separately and on an individual basis.

Select students who participate in Birch via Remote Learning can add optional afternoons to their learning plan. Students who “attend” afternoons remotely need to have some prior experience with self-directed learning, and/or have a particular interest or goals they want help meeting.

For students who are enrolled and attend full-time in-person, this afternoon program is included.

Limited spaces are available for a small number of students ages 9 and up to attend just afternoons, with a choice of 2 – 5 days. An interview and visit are required prior to enrollment. Limited availability, please inquire.