Birch Boundless

This part-time homeschool support program provides the educator support and peer community you need to successfully homeschool teens and tweens. 

What does it offer?  

For students it offers in-person classes as part of a kind, stable community of peers. 

For caregivers it offers support, advice and guidance on homeschooling teens through the middle snd high school years.

Conferences with Educators
    Meet with educators with your student. Hold a "Student Led Conference", or use the time for help with curriculum planning or problem -solving, with or without your student.
Weekly Student Advisory

Each week, students meet with their assigned advisor, (a teacher or staff member at Birch School). They discuss weekly goals, long range planning, career and college options, and offer support and guidance for students who are on their own learning paths. 

Parent Webinars

Virtual monthly webinars for parents,  3 per session, on topics such as

  • recordkeeping/ transcripts
  • finding resources
  • travel and exploration options
  • college and career planning
  • homeschooling teens
  •  and more!


Showcase and Public Presentations

Voluntary participation in the end of unit Showcase, both virtual and in-person opportunities to display and share work from the unit with parents, friends, family and the public. Website and evening event offer options for publishing and promoting student work. 

Offering Three Sessions Fall - Winter - Spring

Each session is 12 weeks long. 

Students attend on-site on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and meet virtually for a 15 minute advisory each week (on Wednesday or Friday). 

The Program follows the Birch School Calendar of Scheduled Closures for Holiday and inclement weather.