For students who are enrolled full-time Birch School

For students enrolled in Remote Learning The Birch School can provide record-keeping for students. This can include work that students are completing outside of the program offered by Birch. Our system keeps track of skills mastery in subject areas, highlighting areas where students have developed strong skills, and pointing to the areas where students need to expand their learning. The program allows credits and skills to be translated into a transcript that students can use for college applications or other programs to further their education beyond high school graduation. Our program provides record-keeping of skills mastery, course completion and for secondary students, progress towards high school graduation.

Add Recordkeeping and Transcripts so College Applications are easy

Families have the option to add Record-Keeping to the Remote program for an additional year-long fee. Upon enrollment you have the option to import any previous courses or credits that your student has earned in the previous three years. Your student’s progress and scores will be recorded while they are participating in Birch School Classes. You will be provided with a transcript at the end of the school year reflecting the courses your student participated in during the academic year. If you are enrolled for several years this transcript will reflect several years learning.

Increased Individual Support

If students are not completing work, not showing up for on-line meetings, or otherwise not successfully engaged with the coursework Birch staff will reach out to offer support, resources and encouragement. Additionally, staff will keep parents informed of student progress and any issues or struggles the student is encountering. Alternately, if students are excelling in the program, Birch staff may suggest a change in placement. This level of support is excellent for students who may be working from home while adults are also working from home or outside the home. Frequent interaction throughout the day ensures students are appropriately engaged with the program and adults are aware if that is not the case. Teachers will work with students to find ways to support them to find success in the classes.

Recordkeeping enables Enrollment at The Birch School

This additional level of support means that your student is enrolled at The Birch School, rather than being considered a homeschooled student (Students participating in only the base Remote Learning are considered homeschoolers and parents are responsible for record-keeping and completing homeschool paperwork.).

Access to Project and Task Management Tool

Students enrolled in RecordKeeping also have access to our online tool that allows them to propose student generated and student-led projects and keep track of deadlines. Within each project student can utilize a task board to organize the necessary steps, and determine the subject areas and learning goals that each project covers.

Without additional recordkeeping feedback is still given.

Without RecordKeeping Birch teachers grade students in the classes, keep track of student grades throughout the year, and provide progress reports and grades for individual classes three times per year. Parents are given a list of skills or topics that were covered in the classes. It is the parent’s responsibility to keep track of the courses completed and to report to their local school district as homeschoolers.