Here are some links to summer opportunities for teens.

Some are virtual, some are in-person.

None of these options have been researched, meaning they have come to our attention and we are passing on the information. If you have information to share about any of these options, please let us know.

Art of Problem Solving Online Math and Writing options

Online Math Program

Stargazing for Families

Online ceramic school class

Self-paced Python Coding Class Online Free

Online animation class

Unity online Junior Pathway (Birch has student seats in Unity for free, just ask and we will set you up)

One-on-One Coding training option

Mount Saint Mary In-Person Sports Camps (includes teens) 

Hudson Valley Community College free classes for high schoolers

On-line math classes Royal Fireworks Press

Online Animation School for Teens

Online Animation Classes

Online STEM classes for teens

Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking Classes

Rider College Game Design Sleep-away camp for teens   

Digi-pen Pre-college Classes 

Coding School